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NCAA Video Games Return This Summer!


After years of lawsuits and a number of delays that were behind postponing the game, EA Sports has finally announced the return of NCAA College Football video games coming this summer, they confirmed this release with a new teaser trailer that was released on February 15th and announcements on their social platforms. The new game comes with 134 different FBS teams each with their own stadiums and different crowds with plenty of new animations that EA hasn’t had in previous football sports games. Although the hype for the new game is at a all-time high, fans are worried that the new football series will become repetitive just like EA’s other football series Madden, here’s why you should not worry about that.

EA’s Madden has become “repetitive” to fans because of the yearly game releases that gives EA less and less time to actually put hard work into their game before another NFL season rolls around the corner, However EA’s new football series College Football 25 which has had over 10 years of development will contain multiple modes that Madden does not have, these modes include some fan favorites from past NCAA games like Road To Glory and Dynasty. Most fans even think that the older college football games have better animations and better modes then the current madden games have now.

Here are some College Football 25 game features that have been announced:

  • Road To Glory
  • 12 Team Playoff Bracket (customization options)
  • Every NCAA Bowl Game
  • Dynasty Mode
  • All FBS Uniforms Updated
  • Over 10,000 Current Players Added
  • New Commentary
  • New Score Boards
  • FBS Team Mascots


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