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Is the NFL as fun as it use to be?


The NFL has been in an uproar with the recent decision to ban the hip drop tackles that are a key part to playing the game this ban has made all fans players and officials made because the hip drop is one of the only ways to tackle. When a defender wraps up an offensive player from the side or behind, causing them to become deadweight and frequently landing on their legs, it’s known as a hip-drop tackle. With players becoming faster and stronger, the tactic has gained popularity and given smaller defenders a chance in a league where offensive is still given greater advantages. The majority of players who have voiced their sentiments about the ban have done so in response to Tom Brady’s statement that “Offense is the only way to win games now.” Pro defensive players like TJ Watt, Maxx Crosby, and Nick Bosa all have conflicting opinions on the suspension, stating that it is tougher to tackle someone and that it is even harder to do it without giving birth. and if it passes this can also be implemented into college and high school ball.

The new kick off rule wads also said to be implemented if this did happen here’s how the new rule would implement on the field. Once the ball is kicked off, the kicker cannot cross the 50-yard line until ball touches the ground or player in landing zone or end zone, and the 10 kicking team players cannot move until the ball hits the ground or player in the landing zone or the end zone. The receiving team players in the set-up zone also cannot move until the kick has hit the ground or a player in the landing zone or the end zone, but the returner(s) may move at any time prior to or during the kickoff.


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