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Zebras Loose in Washington

Zebras caught

In recent times multiple zebras have been sighted on the run in Washington while being transported to a new home. On Sunday April 28th a group of four zebras that were being transported to Montana have escaped from the trailer transporting them, running through neighborhoods and diners where there were many eyewitnesses.

But how did this happen? While the driver took and exit to secure the trailer making sure it was secure, during of which the zebras were able to bolt from the vehicle running through Northbend near I-90.

State trooper Rick Johnson posted on the social platform X that three of the zebras have been brought back into custody. Two of the zebras were reangled in by professional rodeo workers while they were walking through a front yard of a local home while the third zebra being the youngest of the bunch being easier to entice back to the group. But that leaves one of the black and white animals left on the run.

Multiple sighting of the striped animal has been sighted by multiple witnesses leaving the authorities in King-County continuing the search for the missing Zebra.

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