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The Pay diversity between Men’s and Womens sports.


As the all-time leading scorer in NCAA Division, I basketball, Caitlin Clark, the incredible legend of University of Iowa basketball, has already left her stamp on history. She signed a deal after the Indiana Fever chose her as their first overall pick in the WNBA draft. She broke all college records, but her first season pay will only be slightly more than $76,000. Her estimated total earnings for the four years of her rookie deal are $338,056. But what about men’s basketball, they are making millions of dollars, but these Women have put in the same amount of effort as the boys some maybe even more. Is it fair that they get paid less just because funding issues that can’t be helped by pro leagues like the NBA having multi-millionaires and some making millions on their rookie contract, Caitlin is only making the same as some people who are drafted in the 6 maybe seventh round of the NBA draft.

It is still wrong that the Women’s League has less funding than other Major Leagues; they should have the same amount, even if she will undoubtedly make a lot of money from her brand partnerships with Nike and other companies with which she has signed contracts. Men in the NBA have been fined with how much she makes. The diversity of Men’s and Womens basketball should stop. It goes unrecognized the amount of effort they put into this career path, and they should be making just as much as men with the talent they show and give off on the court its unfair they have to have a minimum salary while men’s get more doing the same thing.

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Richard Cambaliza, reporter
Hi, my name is Richard Cambaliza, I'm fifteen years old, and I love to lift weights, make tea, and play the ukulele. I'm a sophomore at lakes, and this is my first year of journalism. I enjoy writing and conversing with others about their thoughts and opinions regarding events occurring in and outside of our school. I play football on both sides of the ball as an offensive and defensive lineman.

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