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Hiking In Washington


Do you like hiking in Washington? Washington is one of the best places in the United States for hiking and has plenty of beautiful mountains and areas you can hike this summer.

Washington has over 3’500 different hiking trails around the state and plenty of different levels of hiking from challenging climbs, perfect hikes for your family, rocky hikes, scenic hikes and plenty of other different types. Here are some of the best beginner hikes in Washington that will help you fall in love with the nature and beauty of hiking.

Best Beginner Hiking Trails:

  • Falls Creeks Falls
  • Poo Poo Point
  • Windy Ridge
  • Wallace Falls
  • Lake Twenty Two
  • Hurricane Hill

This list is nowhere near the actual amount of easy beginner hikes that are in Washington, but they are some of my favorite easy hikes and are also popularly suggested by other hikers and beginners around the world.

Falls Creeks Falls is a 6-mile round dog friendly hiking trip located at Gifford Pinchot National Forest. This hike has plenty of spectacular views including multiple huge waterfalls and whitewater creaks that come with them.

Poo Poo Point would be considered the longest and toughest hike out of all of the ones on the list but is completely worth all of it to see the summit of the hike. Poo Poo Point is another dog friendly popular hike and one of my favorites located near Issaquah, Washington. This hike is 7 miles long round making it a perfect hike for families who like long trips.

Windy Ridge Trail is a 4-mile round trip located just five miles away from Mount St. Helens. This hike has an amazing view after the hike up the steep stairs above Windy Ridge where Spirit Lake and Mount Rainier are visible.

Wallace Falls State Park’s hike is a 6-mile round trip located in the central cascades in Snohomish County. This trail is often packed because of its popularity but all of it is worth the beauty and diversity that the central cascades have to offer. Wallace Falls summit has an amazing view of the Skykomish River valley and the Olympic mountains.

Lake Twenty-Two is a 6-mile round family recommended, dog friendly hike near Granite Falls, Washington. This hike is known for being very rocky and busy but the hike to the lake combines the best of mountain rainforests, wetlands, and mountain views making it a perfect hike for the family in the summer.

Hurricane Hill is a 3-mile-long round trip near the Olympic Peninsula located in Port Angeles Washington. Hurricane Hill is known as the perfect first hike to get to know the Olympic National Park. This hike already displays amazing views of the Bailey Range as soon as you enter the parking lot, the summit has more amazing views of Bailey Range and also has many visible towns and occasionally ferries. Hurricane hill is perfectly named because of the Location of the trail in such an exposed section of Olympic National Park, where weather and winds can ramp up quickly.

Every hike listed has a widespan of easy to difficult terrain and you will thoroughly enjoy the trip. Definitely go check out some of these great spots!








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