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What is the High School Experience?

class of 2024

What is the high school experience? A question that many people are asked when they are adults. When they have been hit with the hard truths of life and don’t quite remember what it felt like to be in high school. However, it’s important to hear a high schooler’s interpretation of the question. Because they live and breathe the high school experience. Though it is assumed that every person has a different interpretation of the high school experience especially throughout the four years. So, I interviewed one freshman and one senior to get just a little more perspective on the high school experience.  

  I interviewed Peyton Ulloa; a freshman, and I asked her what the transition from middle school to high school was like. She told me “I felt very unprepared, and I didn’t know what to expect”. She also said that she felt like she needed to be mature and manage her time well. The next thing I asked her was what her feelings about freshman year are now she said “I can’t wait to leave freshmen year and be a sophomore” but to me I wanted more to why she felt that way, so I asked, and she told me it was because of hardships with her peers “ it was very challenging to not get into situations due to being friends with certain people” these were people she met in middle school and tried to keep the friendship alive but they didn’t have the same  priority’s as her. But she also said to me that she was able to make many new friends by putting herself out there. I found this very humbling because for someone so young she has so much maturity surrounding making new friends even after what she went through in the beginning. Which is something many adults have yet to grasp. Lastly, I asked her the million-dollar question what is the high school experience? But because she is only a freshman, I asked her what her high school experience has been like so far. 

“Overall, I feel like my high school experience was not as good as everyone made it seem. Going into high school everyone said that high school is going to be so much better and chill but that was the opposite. there was a lot that happened like lost friendships new friendships new experiences new subjects etc. I did get the hang of things coming into high school like as time went by but the first couple of days, I had no idea where anything was, I didn’t know what events were happening I didn’t when the sports were happening, but I eventually found my way around”  


Next, I interviewed senior ava Eckley, the first thing I asked her was how it feels to leave. She then told me “It feels very relieving but sad at the same time. I’m going to really miss my friends.” I also asked her what she felt was important about high school to her and she said “the memories” I found this very interesting I assumed that she would say preparing for college or getting an education but to her that’s not the only thing that high school is about. While education is important and the sole purpose of high school. It is also just as important to have fun and make memories. She told me that she regrets not going to all the events and making the most out of her time. Additionally, I asked her if she had any advice for the under classmen and she told me “It’s not over until it’s over, and always keep the good memories close”. Lastly, I asked her what the high school experience is she said “its miserable and magical. Thats from Taylor swift but literally its true”  


This is just a small look into what the high school experience might be, but it shows the triumphs of navigating friendships and entering high school, but it also highlights how important it is to make memories and go to all of the school events because if you don’t you might regret it. Your high school experience is up to you so take what you read here and make the most of it.

its miserable and magical. Thats from Taylor swift but literally its true

— ava eckley



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