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What’s after college for athletes


What is there after high school for athletes? In the United States there’s is millions of athletes that play for their school around the country. But what’s after for them. If you’re lucky you could get an offer from a college for your respected sport. But for those that don’t get that. There’s multiple teams for sports for most schools. There’s prep for freshmen or people new to the sport. There’s also junior varsity, also known as JV, for those that played a year for prep for a year or that are just looked at a little more skilled, so they play JV. Most often you will see sophomores and juniors and very few freshmen, JV and prep are developing stages for the varsity.  At last, there’s varsity, for the most skilled players at the school. Very commonly, those that play varsity have played the sport over 4 years or have worked up from the developing stages.   

 For example, in the NFL, the chances are so low to make it to that level and the chances are even lower to be a star player. There are about 1.1 million Hs football players in the us, there are 100- 120 players on a college roster and there’s 858 colleges in the us and there’s only 22 starting players in one game. There are 321 players invited to the combine and only 250 of those players get drafted and those that don’t get drafted can be picked up as undrafted free agents, and there’s only 53 people on an NFL roster and 11 players for special teams and offense and defenses. The chance is so slim, but anyone can make it you just got to work harder than the next guy.  

Working on your craft is great, you can be the best player in the world and a good work ethic, but you can’t only work hard on one thing. If you are trying to make it a sport that involves college, you’ll have to work hard in the classroom, Not only working on academics you also want to work on your body, make sure you heathy so once you get to the college level you can play and not have to worry about injury. Eat good, stretch and stay flexible, lift weights, and make sure to get lots of sleep.  

If you want to play at a higher level, you must dedicate everything to it. That’s your major, that’s what you must do for the rest of your life. It takes a lot of time, and you’ll get hurt and you’ll be tired. It’s a hill you’ll have to climb, always. 

The college level of sports is only a maybe, if you want it, you must go get it yourself. Always have a plan b. If you didn’t get that sports scholarship, then those grades you worked hard for could get you an academic scholarship. Sports can also teach you toughness, teamwork and adaptability for the future. For jobs and the rest of your future. 

The chances of getting to college is slim but if you’re a high schooler and your dedicated to your goals you can make them happen. 

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Lee Snyder
I'm Lee Snyder, class of 2026 I play football and run track. I enjoy playing video games, watching my phone, I go to the gym regularly. I lived in Washinton for the most of my life but i also lived in North Dokota. I've play kick returner, wide receiver, quarterback, linebacker and kicker. I enjoy football the most out of the things I do.

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