Christianne Amanpour Advancing the Way We Write


Lyla Combs, Writer

Christiane Amanpour is a very popular journalist who is a chief anchor for CNN as well as hosting her own CNN television program called “Amanpour.” The show speaks on worldly topics and popular trends effecting the world in our daily lives. These topics include sports, art and science, daily doings, politics, business, etc. In 1983 she began her career working as an assistant in Atlanta. Through her hard work and outstanding performance in writing, she eventually became a correspondent for CNN and has been working for them ever since, advancing to international correspondent by 1990. She has inspired many to begin writing as well.  

We can all learn better ways to write through Amanpour’s example and hard work. She has helped teach us to be more relevant in our writing. We need to write about things that will intrigue the reader and help us relate to them. People do not want to read about something that they can not understand or that are not relevant. It is important to bring up topics related to what we go through in our daily lives, or things that are happening all around us. This also helps the reader be more informed and aware of what is going on near them wherever they may live. These tips can be used in any article, TV show, website, etc.  

In order to become better writers and feed useful information to our audience, we can use Amanpour’s techniques from her long career journey to her own CNN TV show. Good writers can submit a story, great writers can make it mean something to people.