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What Music Does to Emotions

Why is Music Important, and What Does it do to The Listener?

Music and it’s art come in so many varieties, ranging from culture to culture, and groups of people and cliques in the world. Every human likes music, and every individual person has preferences; be it Country, Black Metal or more casual Rock N Roll, ‘Gangsta’ Rap to Emotional Rap, Hip Hop and Pop, Classical and R&B; the music industry is incredibly diverse, and every niche is filled for your preference most likely– Though if it is not, perhaps you should strive to invent what you believe to be unique? That is not the topic, though. For instance, some genre’s mentioned above like Black Metal, a more extreme and heavier subgenre can make the listener feel loose & impulsive, often rowdy and rambunctious as well. Some Black Metal Bands, though more raw being MAW, Virgo Gang, Hollow Hand; and some more mainstream groups like Mayhem, Darkthrone and Burzum. Gangsta Rap can tend to make the listener feel more knowledgeable about systems of oppression, gang violence and overall the themes tackled in this subgenre– which can be incredibly lyrical as shown by incredibly prestigious rappers like Nas, 2Pac, BIGGIE, Wutang Clan & it’s members, Outkast, and then of course Dr.Dre, incredibly good producer & rapper. Almost a direct opposite to this, we have Emotional Rap or Emo Rap, one of the, if not the biggest growing subgenre in the Rap Game. Ll Uzi, Juice Wrld, X, and Suicide Boys; Lil Peep to name a couple. Emo Rap tends to tackle aspects of depression, life issues, relationships; and the rapper tends to use less of an aggressive in your face tone as often, though exceptions like Suicide Boys & Uzi exist. Emotional Rap can make the listener feel included about their feelings, and can put the listener into a state of retrospection almost.  Classical Music can help you feel a if you’re in depth with your inner self; pop can have the same effect, as well with it’s bubbly beats making the listener happy quite often. Then there are more types of music which are incredibly influential day simply coined as Hip-Hop. Some Names like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, A$AP Rocky, Lil B and recently Ken Carson & Destroy Lonely. Kanye is a lyricist, at least was a great one; and his songs have meaning, as well as being catchy. Travis Scott has an ability to make entire concerts rave in excitement. Andre 3000, Killer Mike– The Genre is massive. Music is beautiful, and the industry is amazing; every piece of it being a unique piece of art from inspired people to create something another can enjoy. And every piece of this art can do so many different things to the person listening, music is important to life; without it humans would not be the same.


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Carter J. Burgess, Reporter
Hello. I'm Carter Burgess. I am 15 years old & am a Journalist for Lakes High School. I enjoy writing; learning about history of people.

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