Boys soccer


With the winter sports season ending, spring sports season will begin. One being boys’ soccer. This year Head coach Mr. Frett will be hosting tryouts for the 2022 soccer season. Coach Frett is hoping to have a varsity team and a junior varsity team as of today there are enough boys trying out to be able to make two teams.  

Three years ago, the boys’ soccer team finished 5th in the league and were one game out of the playoffs. Two years ago, there were only two weeks into practice and was called off due to covid. Lastly, last year they took 3rd in the league with the record of 4-2-2 and placed 4th in the league tournament. The team has only lost three seniors from last year’s season.  

I had asked Coach Frett what his goal for this season is and had replied saying, “My goal is to make the 1st round of state playoffs.” With that being said, hopefully this year’s soccer teams will be able to make it that far.

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Will they make it to post season?


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