Sports Med

Jovanna, Reporter


What is sports med? Sports med is a club hosted here at Lakes by Mrs. Matsuda. It’s a club where you get knowledge about the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. You get to provide comprehensive medical care for athletes of any sports teams or individuals who are athletic but get injured for any reason it may be. And or also learn how to tape wrists, ankles, shin splits, legs, arm etc. How they are slowly being cured to be strong and healthy again. We also go to completions to compete and have field trips but due to covid we were not able to go to the latest conference in person. Even though the conference was virtual it was fun we played kahoot, would you rather and a couple of other games there was also a costume competition. It’s a great opportunity so then you can be informed about multiple things that have to do with the human body and how the body is being cared for when injured.