Christmas Conspiracy

Alex Melvin, Reporter

What does Christmas mean to you? For most American’s its presents, trees, and decorations. But for others, they might celebrate a little differently. Have you noticed other traditions are similar in comparison with Christmas? Recently, I’ve wanted to get down to the misinformation I hear about the Christian holiday that have always made me curious – what’s true and what isn’t? Now Christmas is traditionally known as Yuletide and has many origin stories coming from England, Scotland, and Germany that all contain relatively the same information. The word yule wasn’t used till 900 A.D. and at that time, changed to mean the Christian holiday, Christmas. The name is constantly argued but believed to be the German word spelt Jol but pronounced the same as yule. 

The yuletide feast is dedicated to cultivating abundance in the form of food and drink, eating and drinking, to bring it back to them – it was a holiday heavily associated with divination.  Simmering pots with apples and spice – protection boils. Wreaths – symbolize the symbol of life. Green – associated with life in the dead of winter, all very strong Norse beliefs that meant more than just props that look cute together. Most yuletide carols were and are meant to drive out evil spirits that are exposed to the good energy of the living – that’s why they were traditionally sung from door to door, to spread protection to other families when villages were still small. Candles were lit on the tree to imitate the sun and ward off evil spirits. Gift-giving is actually proved to be more related to a tradition-like a roman holiday called saturnalia. 

These all have outdoor themes because back then hunters, gatherers, and cultivators spent most of their time outside. Their houses were in the wild, their livestock, all outside. It’s meant to bring a warm reminder and comfort to the people during the harsh, dead winter. The tree itself is a symbol of life  and why it was made the centerpiece of the holiday. Christmas day itself was marked as the day of rebirth of the sun, not the birthday of the sun god you know. I didn’t write this to tell anyone their beliefs are wrong, but these are cold hard facts you can’t change and won’t accept arguments. I hope Christmas makes a little more sense to you after reading this article and answered your questions on why Christmas is done the way it is. Happy holidays.