Netflix’s Kaleidoscope

Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

The new Netflix series “Kaleidoscope” has taken the world by storm with it’s unique viewing experience. The show is based around main character Ray Vernon and his crew of criminals attempting a $7 billion heist. The unique thing about this show is the order in which the viewer can choose to watch the show. Each episode is labeled as a different color, which is a different timeframe around the heist (before or after). The order you choose to watch it in represents a piece of the “puzzle”. There are 40,320 ways you can experience this show, and the plot line makes for a suspenseful ride regardless of which order you watch it in. Whether you choose to watch it in order or not, the pieces will connect. Betrayal, revenge, and suspense are promised.

With most people choosing to watch it in chronological order, the people who don’t have said the show becomes confusing. People claim that every episode feels like a “messy and frustrating cliff hanger” and since you can start at any order, most of the characters are constantly reintroduced. People have also been striking the question of “is the show better or worse because of the randomized viewing experience?”.

I do believe it’s a unique take on a show, it’s something not commonly seen. Personally, I watched it in order and found it to be much more enjoyable that way. Regardless of what order you choose to watch it in, you’re in for a ride.

Here’s the order of the show chronologically:

Violet: 24 years before the heist

Green: 7 years before the heist

Yellow: 6 weeks before the heist

Orange: 3 weeks before the heist

Blue: 5 days before the heist

White: The heist

Red: The morning after the heist

Pink: 6 months after the heist