No More Daylight Saving?


Aundrea Gresham, reporter

On March 15th the U.S passed a bill to make daylight saving time permanent starting in 2023. No more spring forward or fall back for the U.S. People have gone back and forth on this issue for years and some states like Arizona and Hawaii have already decided in the past years to stop doing it because it doesn’t benefit them. Even with how controversial this bill is, especially considering that states away from the equator have such scarce hours of daylight in the winter, it seems to be better for the majority. Every year without fail we have people who complain about having to go an hour forward in Spring so a lot of people are happy about this bill finally being passed.

However, the U.S House of Representatives has caused this bill to come to a halt. The Energy and Commerce Committee had a hearing to discuss possible legislation that we have yet to hear more from that as of right now. So although it looks like we’ll be getting rid of daylight saving time and people are already excited, there is a possibility that the house will decline this Bill. Along with the question of ” Should we get stop changing the clocks?” comes ” Do we stay in daylight saving time or standard time?” Standard time being the fall back time which would cause states farther from the equator, like Washington, to have significantly darker mornings until summer and daylight saving time being the spring forward that we’re currently in.