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Kansas City wins it again

The exciting Super Bowl 58 was won by the Kansas City Chiefs in spite of several questionable calls. That, following their field goal to tie the score in the fourth quarter, pushed the game into overtime. However, just what went wrong with the game? It seems like Mahomes gets help from the officials. Once again, the Chiefs were losing in the first half when Travis Kelce, their tight end who went second team all pro, gave an incredible speech before the game that motivated the players to perform better. However, after the Chiefs were losing in the first half, Kelce was seen pushing Andy Reid. The first quarter was hot, with numerous bad calls, mostly on the part of the niners, that didn’t seem to help the Chiefs until the second half. the head coach of the forty niners was talking to a ref to make the game fare because of multiple miss calls or just bads call in general.

The Chiefs had been putting together poor passing plays, with their wide receivers missing multiple passes. So why did they play this game as Tyreek Hill played for the Chiefs in 2020? Since the Chiefs, who have had a poor season, seem to have won the game mostly by short field goals or missed PATs, I think it was rigged. I think this team isn’t nearly as good as the one under Tom Brady. A lot of their games have seen them struggle offensively, especially when they have to play the very good Raider’s defense, who finished in the top 5 in almost every defensive metric this season. their defense, which appears to be their only strong suit, allows them to play incredible and better than they ever have when they play against what is perhaps the best pass-rushing defense in the league. When star pass rusher Nick Bosa was literally being hugged from the back during the second half of the game, making it impossible for him to move, everyone began to speculate that the Chiefs had rigged the Super Bowl.

Nevertheless, no team, no matter how much you despise them, should ever have to endure what happened at their parade to celebrate their win, even if it was just handed to them. During the parade, a group of armed men started shooting up the place; 22 people were shot, and one was murdered. It was a terrible event that had ruined the event to host this year’s winners. in the scene of the event a kid ran up to Andy Reid while protecting the young kid holding him, he told him that everything was going to be okay as the police arrived the ambushers were identified, and one was even tackled and stopped before shots could be fired.

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