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When are you too old for Trick or Treating?

teenagers dressed up for Halloween

As Halloween is approaching many people start to think about what they are going to do for the spooky holiday. In many cases, they decide to go trick or treating. Trick or treating is when children and adults go to houses and ask for candy by saying the phrase “trick or treat”. The act of trick or treating started after World War 2 but it is said that trick or treating originates from 9th century Celtic traditions those traditions being to ward off evil spirits by dressing up as different mystical creatures and celebrating with treats. Now that Halloween is a very popular day in the United States which is mostly celebrated by children but in many cases, there are still a lot of teenagers who want to still trick or treat. although many adults have a problem with teenagers’ trick or treating and think at a certain age they should stop. I decided that I would interview some of the staff and students to ask what age they think is too old to be trick or treating and why.  

Student 1: “I believe that the age should be 20, once your teenage years are officially over. But by then, most people that age are out at Halloween parties anyway.” 

Student 2: “people are never too old to trick or treat, it’s just a night that you can dress up and a reason to get fat on candy for free and the reason old people don’t trick or treat anymore is they have kids and have jobs to do the next morning.” 

Staff 1: “once you become a teenager you should stop trick or treating.”  

Staff 2: “I think that teenagers should trick or treat, and people should let them be kids as long as they are being appropriate.”  

With that being said! How old do you think is too old to be trick or treating? 


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Mylie mason
Mylie mason, Reporter
Hi! my name is Mylie mason and I'm a junior here at lakes. I am involved in mentoring and the schools advanced choir. Some of the things I enjoy outside of school are hiking and exploring new places in Washington. I am very passionate about nature and plan to have a career in environmental science. Some of the things I write about in journalism are informing people on the history of certain holidays and activity's we enjoy as humans and why we celebrate indulge in them. I also write about things going on at lakes like dances and games. these are just a few things about me, and I hope you enjoy what I write!

Comments (2)

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  • T

    Trista OsgoodNov 3, 2023 at 11:22 am

    You’re never too old to go trick or treating. Great work on this article!!!

  • C

    Celeste J GuzmanNov 1, 2023 at 9:42 am

    People who think that you should stop trick or treating at your teenage years is just crazy. Yall really just didn’t have no fun on Halloween.