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Could we add more clubs to Lakes?

Lakes is a big campus with many kids. All these kids are different and have a lot of interests and ideas. People that are new or don’t interact with the campus much might not be able to express themselves or get comfortable at the school. Making the new students that are coming to the school and making them feel welcomed is important. Adding more clubs to the school will make that progress a whole lot easier and faster. Clubs will bring others that have the same interests, experiences and or feelings together. Making it easier to meet new people and making more friends and being more involved with the school environment.  

At the school now, we have 11 clubs in Lakes. The problem with adding more clubs into the school, is we also must get teachers to take part because it’s a after school program. The teachers don’t get paid after their hours and they have lives after school, and they can’t all just stay after school without pay. If Lakes got parents that can volunteer and permission to use the school after hours could fix the problem. 

What would Lakes add? I asked some of the students at Lakes. What would make them comfortable? 

Student 1: Minecraft club is fun making friends and playing Minecraft. 

Teacher 1: Weight room gets people pumping iron daily feeling healthy and looking good at school with others. 

Teacher 2: General science club that we could do more experiments and projects after school. 

I think that adding more clubs would add a lot more diversity into the school and would help the informant and knowing others and talking making the school feel more like a place that is boring but a more comfortable place where you can learn and do your work. 

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I'm Lee Snyder I'm the class of 2026 and I'm currently 15. I go to the gym a lot and play football and the position quarterback and linebacker. I'm from Washington but I Moved to Fargo ND but recently moved back to Washington for high school.

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