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Operation Barbarossa Lead up

Operation Barbarossa was the largest land military offensive in history with more than 10 million combatants taking part.

June 22, 1941, Operation Barbarossa unfolded. The lead up to this pivotal moment in history was marked by intrigue, tension and strategic maneuvering.

German plans for the invasion.

The lead up to Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union during World War two, was influence by various political and military factors. One of the key factors leading to Operation Barbarossa was Adolf Hitlers desire for lebensraum, or living space, for the German people. Hitler believed that the Soviet Union was the threat to German dominance in Europe and saw it was an opportunity to expand German territory. Another factor that contributed to the lead up of Operation Barbarossa was the deteriorating relationship between Germany and the Soviet Union. Stalins concerns about the stability of the alliance between Russia and Germany in months prior to Operation Barbarossa also played a significant role.

The German high command had extensive planning, 3 million men in 3 different directions Leningrad, Moscow, Stalingrad. The meticulous planning done by the German military with the intension of launching a successful Invasion of the USSR. the planning for Barbarossa included several components. Firstly, the German military undertook intelligence gathering to assess the Soviets military capabilities, infrastructure, and recourses. This intelligence helped determining the size and strength of Soviet forces, as well as identifying strategic targets and potential weaknesses. Secondly, the German military strategically positioned their troops along the Eastern front in preparation for their invasion. They established supply lines, logistical infrastructure and they coordinated synchronized assaults.  The assaults used various branches of the German military included the Luftwaffe Wehrmacht and Kreig marine to ensure efficient support and communication during the Operation.

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