School Store: The Class Behind the Magic

Mckenzie Small, Reporter

Mr. Wilson‘s small business management classes run the school store you know and love! Not only does this class largely benefit the DECA members, but it is also an amazing opportunity for the students in it! The goal of Small Business Managment is to provide students with the opportunities to gain realistic, career and technical education competencies in a unique “hands-on” learning environment through a SBE (Schol Business Enterprise). Through these learning opportunities, students will be better prepared to enter the work force and to participate in meaningful job duties and tasks.  

A few of the main skills students learn as they participate in the classroom and the student store include: 

  • Purchasing and selling goods 

Students will be given the opportunity to determine what to sell as well as how much and when to buy, locating and evaluating sources of supply, placing orders and handling pricing, maintaining stock control records of performance for analysis, determining where certain items should be displayed.  

  • Responsibility  

The students will earn schedules and learn their place in the rotation of the store. As if in a real job students must even call-in advance when absent just like a real job to maintain the smooth operation of the store. 

  • Promotion of items in the store 

The store works with the school news announcements to embody product promotion. 

  • Developing businesslike procedures and attitudes. 

Students will apply individual critical thinking and group decision-making skills to a realistic situation as well as effectively communicate and treat others with respect and decency. 


There are so many amazing takeaways from this class! Encouraging students to step out of their shell, work in a team environment and develop lifelong skills to use in and out of school. Small Business Management allows students learn while working alongside their peers and having fun.