Countdown to Prom

Shirmara Willis, Reporter

After many questions, concerns, and wild goose chases Ms. Harrell along with ASB and Ms. Yearsley have been on, there be a prom… Well, it has been decided that prom will be happening, and it is only a short 16 days away.  

Can’t dance? Ms. Young and Mrs. Vlen has you covered, regardless of grade level, you are invited to learn how to waltz and swing dance. The goal of this is that by the end of these classes, which will be the 16th of May, you will know how to dance the night away. Classes will be held every Monday of May until the 16th from 2:15-4:00 pm.  

If you have not started yet, now would probably be a great time to start getting reservations. Is your group ready to step the night away? 

I’m sure if you know for sure you are going to prom and you have all the information, you have heard about the dress code and dance rules. If not a few of each are as follows; No visible undergarments. Garments may not be higher than mid-thigh. No inappropriate clothing will be accepted. According to Ms. Yearsley, dancing will be appropriate for a school sponsored event. They are not tolerating any rear-end movement in partner’s pelvic area. No simulated sexual activity. No inappropriate touching, holding, or kissing. No lap dancing. No slamming or break dancing. No lap sitting. No laying on the ground. And a handful of more rules.  

If you can follow these rules, get excited! Seniors deserved this night to remember so don’t ruin their night by not following the rules. Just go and have fun.