Thursday Shenanigans

Shirmara Willis, Reporter

I’m sure many of you have seen all the games set up in the main gym during all three lunches.  

The event that is occurring is called “Thursday Shenanigans”. Thursday Shenanigans will happen twice a month in the main gym during all three lunches. The winners of the game will win prizes. Right now, the prize is just candy or cookies sometimes but later down the road, prizes will get bigger and better, according to Mr. Winston.  

Mr. Winston is not only the basketball coach, but he is also the behavior health assistant. A behavior health assistant is known to help students with their problems, academic and mental health wise. What they are not known for is discipline. His goal for Thursday shenanigans is to help students gain social experience and meet new people.  

There’s no excuse to be “bored” or “getting into any trouble” during any lunch when Thursday Shenanigans is going on. There will be a game to fit your interest, and it’s not volleyball or basketball. Go out and have some fun with it.