Teenage Social Media Usage 

and Kyle Schwab

By: Kyle Schwab 

Let us talk about how teens are using the most popular social media. Are they using it correctly or incorrectly? Ever since social media has come out there have been many problems. That is from bullying all the way to self-harm. So, teen users are not using social media correctly. I say that because social media is meant to show off your accomplishments to know what is going on in the world and to make new friends. There are two main social media sites that teens are on, and they are Instagram and snapchat.

 Snapchat is supposed to be for texting your friends making funny photos and have memories, but people are posting illegal stuff on snap chat story’s ranging in making fun of people harassments to drugs. Instagram is supposed to be where you can follow people you like and all your friends and make new ones. 

Recently people have been making separate accounts where it is about a school. Here at Lakes High School, there have been many new Instagram pages that have been made. There are pages about the fights at our school, or pages about confessions that no one knows if it is true or not. The past 2 years people have changed the usage of Instagram to bully kids that have less than you. 

Most teens feel like they are better than everyone else because they have more followers or more friends. They think that posting these things will help them get more followers or friends so that is why they do it. They never think about how it would make them feel if someone else was doing it to them 

There is no way of fixing this problem Because if the account were removed then the people could always make a new one. The only way to fix it would be people learning how to respect other people and use social media correctly.