The Power Of Social Media

social media boxes

Emily Smith, All

social media boxesSocial media. We need to watch the way we use social media; social media is proven to be the leading cause of teen suicide. With that in mind, take a moment to recognize what you as an individual choose to post on your accounts. At lakes we notice people misusing their power, misusing the ability of social media, and not recognizing the power their words have. We have many social media accounts for Lakes, almost all seeming uncomfortable, unnecessary, and sometimes humiliating. Social media is an online world, social media ranges from many countries, states, towns… everywhere. Getting something off the internet is next to impossible, even when you think it’s gone, it’ll stick. 

As young teens we have heightened emotions. With our heightened emotions we often times fail to recognize the bad choices we make, justifying it so we don’t feel bad about it later. We need to take a breath and think before we post, think before we tweet, think before we type. The accounts are the same as bullying and should be looked at as such, we are posting people without their consent nor knowledge. The people in this post usually get backlash, or constantly judged, because they have been broadcasted around the entire school, within minutes. When we make these decisions, we are affecting someone’s social life. We need to have some compassion and stop doing these idiotic things because we think it will be fun. Because the truth of the matter is that it Is not funny. 

Take the time to think if what you’re about to do is mature. We are in high school, we want to be treated like high schoolers, we want to be treated like young adults. But by acting out these petty deeds, they were acting like children. Nobody is going to respect or take us seriously if we can’t even act our age. being respectful to one another is the first step to change.