Lakes High school weekly news.

Emily Smith, all

girl playing volleyballAt Lakes high school, almost all students are starting to settle into their class schedules, almost everyone has their school laptops as well. The school’s WIFI has been acting up recently, partly due to the increased demand. For students with a different problem going on with their laptop bring it down to the career center. Teachers and staff are down there to help you! If you still have a blank spot in your schedule go to the career center, they will help you get a class. the beginning of this year has been tough especially since all students are back, teachers are struggling to find places to put students. we are 3 weeks into school, so hopefully these issues have shrunk, to a tolerable level.

COVID restrictions have brought us down a little. Being online for more than a year was tough enough, being back in school, is just as tough for some. Students mental health as well as social skills have noticeably plummeted quite a bit. While some students indulged in activities over quarantine, lots of students chose to hunker down at home. Lets make sure were being kind to each other, if you see someone having a hard time check in on them, that might just boost their entire week. In order to stay safe and successful at Lakes High school, we must remember to always wear our mask, and stay 3 – 6 feet apart from each other.

While school struggles to keep us distanced they have provided the school with more options to eat their lunch at somewhere other than the cafeteria, such as the gym and the turf fields! Some students have been spotted playing catch, football, and volleyball in the gym and on the turf field too. That’s a great idea to relieve some stress out of the field. Other students have been spotted reading booking in the library. Although the library is open during lunch, you must have your mask on, and food is unfortunately prohibited.

Its finally fall! Almost time for pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, and not to forget Halloween! Though we get ready for these exciting events coming up, the weather is getting colder, and rainier, so lets make sure we are wearing clothing suitable for the weather to stay warm. If you forget your jacket at home, or if you do not have suitable attire for the weather, talk to the main office, they will hook you up with whatever you could possibly need, coming from the student closet!

Unfortunately this week a select group of students needed to be monitored, it quickly progressed to all students needing to be escorted to the restroom. Administration took action by shutting down a number of bathrooms, and taking away bathroom passes. Soon the adults realized their were more students then there were monitors, so some students were not able to go to the bathroom when needed. Students then got the idea to use the bathroom during passing periods, which then led to students being late due to the large amount of students trying to go. The teachers saw the flaw and thankfully reopened the bathrooms, and returned to students using hall passes, and being able to escort themselves to the bathroom. While this is improvement for the students, the teachers are back to the situation that caused this mess. Students either miss using the opportunity, or students being mischiefs in the bathroom.