TikToks Devious Licks Challenge


Reilly Erickson, Reporter

With all the trends on TikTok, the one that seems to have caused the most havoc is the “devious licks” with soap dispensers in bathrooms are being taken the most. This trend started by TikTok user @jadenflick ‘s video “only 2 weeks into school. It got the “most devious lick” where they pulled out a Georgia- Pacific hands- free paper towel dispenser from their backpack and put it on a couch. The video got over 2.3 million likes in under a week before it was taken down by TikTokRelated videos have also sprung up on TikTok within the past few weeks. According to know your meme the TikTok user @jugg4elias uploaded a video September 1st of their “devious lick” a box of disposable masks with a caption of “a month into school absolutely devious lick. Should’ve brought masks from home.” The video has been deleted since.

Know Our Meme reports the video had over 239,000 views in under a week. Devious licks have ranged from hand sanitizer and soap dispensers to smartboards, microscopes, and urinals. A lick is described as a successful steal. With trivial things like masks or classmate’s shoes being small licks and difficult licks being referred to as nefariousgodforsaken, and diabolical licks. 

With all vandalism and theft that has been happening,  Administrators have been heard cracking down over the loudspeakers at many schools, announcing that bathrooms will be shutting down. Some have even threatened to take doors off the bathrooms. Administrators have been saying how if students report other students, who they have seen participate in the devious licks challenge they could receive reward. Some administrators have sent out letters and emails home warning students and parents. Some schools have even started to get law enforcement involved. Many students have come out on TikTok asking these people to stop this challenge. Most of these videos have been taken off TikTok because they are violating the TikTok guidelines. Was this trend truly  a practical joke gone wrong or was it actually meant to hurt people in the long run?