New Pets and Hobbies due to Covid

Adoption Image

Caprice Cain, Reporter

Amongst all the chaos this year due to Covid, many people have been finding joy from new things. Covid has brought us an abundance of free time, and many people have adopted new hobbies and pets!  PetPoint, a program shared by 1,200 shelter across the nation, reports that fostering and adoptions are up 700% from just last year. People are also finding joy in new hobbies like music, origami, reading, working out, DIY’s, baking and much more. With all the technology and communication, we have today, these hobbies can be done online. Whether it be finding new recipes or watching and instructor over the computer, everything can be done within the comfort of your home. Winter is coming and it’s very important to be able to find things to do indoors, so with new things to do and new pets to meet, staying indoors and staying safe can be a lot easier than it was before.