Senior Deadlines

Seth Hindt, Reporter

It’s been a different year, so we’re going to proceed without looking back. This is our last and most critical year so let’s end together strong. Here is some important information all seniors need to be aware of.

 If you want to see your special images in the yearbook, your Senior photo and your Baby photo must be submitted no later than December 15th.  Do you want a page all to yourself in this year’s yearbook? If so, Senior pages can be bought for $100 at student accounts. The order deadline to buy a page and submit all photos and other details is January 31st. 

Senior Presentations are still happening  sseniors, make sure you have all your stuff together! Review and complete in your portfolio so you’re ready for it. The date for it is still being determined. 

And rejoice  because Graduation is still happening on schedule June 10thMake sure you finish out this year strong! Take care of your grades and on those Senior presentations so we can all graduate together.