The People Behind The Bubble

Jaheim Carter, Reporter

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The People Behind The Bubble’s are you, our teachers, staff, counselors, and your very own reporters. As we as a school navigate through this pressing year we’ve encountered a problem that has affected teachers and their ability to demonstrate our practices with us in person. 

“The biggest impact on me is the unknowns. So many questions. When I went to school to become a teacher and then a Principal there was no class or playbook on how to teach/connect/help students and staff in a pandemic.”- Tanya Simons.

Ms. Simons donaying plasma to fight Covid-19
Tanya Simons donating plasma

When this pandemic was introduced during my Junior year I was honestly shocked at the result and devastation it had and still has over learning virtually Seniors and Freshman need to finish strong while freshmen start strong. Not to say Juniors or Sophomores aren’t important. Teachers are affected by this on a personal level as this was their career choice to teach the next generation. 

Andrea Morgan and Grandkids
Mrs. Morgan (Unknown)

“The emotional and social impact that Covid-19 has had on some students and staff is depression, hopelessness, and online fatigue.  Humans are social beings but Covid-19 has limited interactions of socialization which have hampered emotional and social growth of students and some staff”- Andrea Morgan

I can say that I am disappointed by the thought of graduating this year without a prom as the former Senior class of 2019-2020 went without. Also the events we may miss out on; Homecomings, valentine dances, games, even conferences while this year’s conferences are being held virtually, Freshmans’s first introduction to their highschool in person as it is a right of passage to experience.

“I always try to think of myself as a positive person, to take this opportunity to be a better teacher, to try to learn some new things, and listen to the students more, buts it’s really hard….. But now everything has a lag.”- Joe Clark