Tips for a Covid Halloween

Mackenna Eagan, Reporter

Halloween is among us, time for some safe tricks for treating as we all try to keep your children and family away from Covid. Herer are some alternatives that might be safer during the pandemic.

  1. Candy Hunt: Avoid Halloween trick or treating all together by hiding candy in your backyard and having your kids dress up and search for it. In doing this, it completely avoids contact with strangers and the spread of Covid. 
  1. CovidCandy Bags : By putting candy into designated bags will prevent contamination of other pieces when being grabbed by children. Also setting up a hand sanitizing station before kids touch the candy. 
  1. MaskFriendlyCostumes : By incorporating a mask into your costume, it will prevent any risk of others’ sickness being spread. It will also allow you to interact with others outside of your family. 
  1. CostumeGloves : When passing out candy, it’s always smart to keep gloves on, to prevent the spread, but why should it affect your costume? When in costume, you can be anybody from a brain surgeon to a zombie Disney princess, and you can always incorporate gloves into your costume if you sell it. 
  1. CandyStations: Like a lemonade stand, have a table at the edge of your yard for candy, or incorporate candy into your Halloween display for kids to become involved with the setting and the hunt for candy on Halloween 

Although most of our lives were put on hold due to Covid, we can still make the best of the situation and find ways to make life as normal as possible by adapting to the situation and staying as safe as we can.