Conclusion of The Presidential Debates



Trump and Biden

Jaheim Carter, Reporter

President Trump and Former Vice-President Biden
Trump and Biden (nbcnews)

Our journey with the debates has concluded on October 22nd. The debates are a form of persuasion that is supposed to sway our opinion and vote of whether or not The Trump Administration is suited for office or their counterpart, The Biden and Harris Administration. I’ve realized these varying debates are to witness and see the United States future President and Vice President’s competency, and plans for our country. The first debate, September 29th. Wasn’t a proper showing of President Trump, and former Vice President Biden’s ability to have a cohesive and critical argument with the other party. Now on October 7th, the Vice Presidential debate was a showing of Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris’s ability to have a somewhat clear conversation on where their respective parties plan to take this country. The two following Presidential debates were conducted on October 15th and October 22nd was to pose harder questions to see if either Trump or Biden were able to confidently answer backed with evidence of the positive effect of their plan, such as the Green New Deal. The Presidential Debates are great at viewing options especially for young voters within our school. I recommend Mr. Shelton’s AP Government and Politics as a course that will allow your young voters within our school to open their eyes to Politics on the largest scale. So who has your vote?