Minecraft Steve in Smash

Ayden Murray, Reporter

He’s the best thing to be added since Banjo

— -Ben Howell-Burke

Everyone is talking about the newest character in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Minecraft Steve, who has been released on October 13th, 2020. The Smash community has been waiting and asking continuously for this throughout several games’ lifespans. But now the company which is based in Japan, has listened to what American players are asking for and included it in the game. Some player’s opinions of his inclusion in the game are “very long overdue”, “I think it’s pretty cool that they put him in as a character”. It has sparked a new interest back into the game bringing in new and returning players back into the scene. Steve has a very unique move set compared to all the other characters in Smash as he is from a completely different genre of game. Implementing this as a platform fighter has changed the game completely. He can place blocks almost anywhere on the stage creating his platforms, he does all the things he can do in Minecraft but now he does it in a Two-dimensional Space. Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and his team have worked for months to adjust the mechanics of the game to fit the needs of Steve. Almost every Smash you-tuber that I know of has made a video about Steve with their opinions on his and their experience playing him on day one of his releases. All and all everyone is happy with his addition to the game and is excited to see who will come next as the next Smash DLC.