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    TikTok Ban Impact


    TikTok is one of the top social media platforms, it was first known as then was changed to TikTok, it started to gain popularity back in 2019 and now about 148 million people in the United States use Tik Tok , the social media platform that shows small clips of people dancing, edits and different types of creative videos, but has also become a vital tool for businesses looking to reach a bigger audience. 

    Many TikTok influencers use the platform for collaborations and to sponsored content banning, TikTok could lead to a shift in influencer marketing strategies and partnerships.

    The bill to ban TikTok was passed back in March due to lawmakers being concerned that TikTok shares user data with the Chinese government, yet the US has shown no evidence of this many small business owners are worried of what this ban would do their business.

    What Impact would a tik Tok ban have on small businesses?  

     Small business owners who rely or started on tik Tok are now worried of what banning TikTok would do their business, many have mentioned how using other social media platforms has not worked out as how TikTok algorithm allows even the smallest businesses to go viral often leading to increased brand awareness and sales. If TikTok would get ban this means their sales will drop, some may even shut down.

    Even with the potential setback they are facing business owners are already seeking alternatives platforms like Instagram reels and snapchat and revisiting traditional marketing methods.

    Recent articles containing information about the TikTok ban.

    Legislation that could force a TikTok ban revived as part of House foreign aid package – The Washington Post

    TikTok ban bill is getting fast-tracked. Here’s what to know. (

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