Stress, an online school companion.

Ren Cutrer, Reporter

Stress: One of the many companions of students this year after starting online school.  

School is always a stressful time, but with the ongoing pandemic, we had to convert to virtual learning adding a list of new stresses. For those who are visual learners, this is harder since they are not in class and able to directly ask for help. There are also other responsibilities, such as younger siblings students must take care of that can heavily conflict with the schedule of online learning. These reasons can be a source of stress, but arguablyeven teachers can become a reason by assigning too much work for students to handle for eight classes. This can heavily overwhelm students and cause them to fall behind which can tank their grade. Work and stress can force them to pull all nighters and neglect their healthdirectly impacting their grades. There are some students who can handle online school well and not have extreme stress and there are students who are on the other end of the stress spectrum that cannot handle online school and the stress that comes with it and there are those in the middle, those who can balance it well. Online school can be improved, and perhaps reduce the amount of stress given to us students and the teachers as well. Us students are not the only one’s suffering. Despite all of this stress, we as students can tackle this challenge and get through the difficulties of this year.