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Quiet On Set

The Darkness Behind the Scenes

Nickelodeon’s old child actors as well as a few adults from the shows we frequently watched as kids, are coming together to form a documentary called “Quiet on Set.”  This documentary shows a behind the scenes of shows such as Victorious, Sam and Cat, Zoe 101 as well as the infamous ICarly. The producer of said shows, Dan Schneider, expected “…a lot from his team.” as he has many allegations of abusing the young actors and forcing them do things that could easily be marked off as sexual and or suggestive behavior. Not only to be seen on screen, but Nickelodeon actor Amanda Byne came forward many years ago exploding on Twitter, speaking about the need to get an abortion at the young age of 13, but it was left undetected. Now that actors are coming forward about their tragic encounters with their producer, will Dan Schneider be convicted of his crimes, or will it disappear? You can watch this new documentary on Hulu, Prime and Max.

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Hi i'm Ava, and i'm a senior here at lakes high school! I've been with the ledger for 2 years including this one. I have three cats; Thomas Pancake Pickles, The Adventurer, The First Of His Name, Violet and Rocky who i often call my little spicy Cheeto. Some things I'm passionate about would have to include; the ocean, Taylor Swift, traveling, reading, and of course pasta!

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