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Track meet between Lincoln and Lake’s high school Throwers.






A fantastic meet by the Lakes throwers, who all did exceptionally well for both the girls’ and boys’ varsity disc events. The boys’ disc event saw the highest throwers, Charles Foketi, who threw for 111 meters, and Koa Maalaelu, who threw for 87 meters. The girls’ varsity disc event saw the top three throwers, Melilla Pulalasi, who threw for over 114 meters, Isabella Oliver, who threw for 108 meters, and Andrea Schmidt, who threw for 88 meters. For the boys’ shotput, the top throwers were Charles Foketi, who threw for 38 meters, Koa Maalaelu, and Chris Hanson, who both threw for 35 meters. Additionally for girls shot, Melilia Pulalasi threw for 38 meters, Isabella Oliver threw for 36 meters, and Vailala Smith threw for 32 meters in the girls shot put. The boys and girls throwers at this meet did an incredible job, with the girls having an amazing throw coming 1st in both shot and disc and the boys having a top 3 situation. Overall, it was a great meet this week.








































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Richard Cambaliza, reporter
Hi, my name is Richard Cambaliza, I'm fifteen years old, and I love to lift weights, make tea, and play the ukulele. I'm a sophomore at lakes, and this is my first year of journalism. I enjoy writing and conversing with others about their thoughts and opinions regarding events occurring in and outside of our school. I play football on both sides of the ball as an offensive and defensive lineman.

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