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Jaheim Carter and Ayden Murray

Jaheim T. Carter

Brian Moore


asb president Brian Moore
ASB President Brian Moore

“This year is definitely going to be a challenge, but I believe that I and my team have what it takes to make this a great year for everyone.” – Brian Moore

Brian Moore condenses his impression on the year 2020 and the following challenges it poses to be Senior President of the student body and yet has no student’s bodies in the halls of Lakes High School to represent in school affairs. As he has claimed to be the avatar for students, but honestly he is the bridge that connects the other ASB Presidents and Senior Class President Jayda Kim with our school’s administration. Brian is dedicated and pressing to make sure our voices are heard, thoughtfully processed, and considered. Alongside his team are your ASB Elected Officers for 2020-21. The complete list is below.

ASB Council Members (Non-voting positions) 

Adrian Puentes 

Isabelle Watters 

Amber Petty 

Deron Knight 

Camille Talbot 

Ava Waseen-Vaught 

Ayush Phuyal 

Alofa-Amaria Sims 

Joshua Yoo 

Tanya Perez 

Andrew Zinn 

Legaci Taylor

Lauren Skaggs

Marcus Mitchell