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    The Iran & Pakistan Situation

    Will The Conflict Escalate? How Did This Conflict Start Between These Two Neighboring Nations?

    Last Month on January 16th, Iran; a nation that exists in the Middle East furthermost toward Asia; had recently conducted attacks in territory owned by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The area of Baluchistan, in Pakistan being where Iran would conduct attacks. Doing so due to possible Strongholds of the ‘Justice Army’, which is a Militia hostile toward Iran’s Goals. Pakistan in retaliation of Iran’s actions would do a similar attack, entering Sistan-Baluchistan to take down Safe Havens controlled by various Baluchi Liberation Army’s and Revolutionary’s inside of the province. Notably, both nations claim that civilians of their state’s died during this border conflict. Luckily, after the event both nations would attempt toward mediation. Though, Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan, Main Administrative Decision Maker would recall Tehran (Iran)’s Embassy & remove their envoy from the nation. All of this began primarily because of the Ethnic Tensions in Baluchistan both Iran & Pakistan’s piece of it. Previously before this both states actually were vrather coexisting, and this came as a complete surprise from Islamabad. Both parties luckily, have chosen to make waves of diplomatic reaffirmation and escalation is not likely. This matters as it is proof that two nations can work to lower tensions, and also the severity of Pakistan’s strength through nuclear weaponry and it’s denial against using it. A respectable feat and should represent how all Nuclear-Weapon States should act.

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