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Things to carry in your car

There are so many unpredictable things that may happen on the road. It’s these unexpected moments that keep us on our toes and remind us to stay aware and prepared. I’ve been in a few unexpected situations and would love to share some advice.

Firstly, and extra phone charger with the car charging port attachment is a necessity! I went through a period of just taking my main charger out of my house every time I got in the car and realized it’s just too unreliable. I recommend keeping one in your glovebox specifically designated to your car; and don’t leave it plugged in even when your car is turned off. Having a fluke where your car battery has been drained is not something anyone needs.

I like to keep a pair of small craft scissors in my car. It sounds odd but I do a bit of shopping when I have the means, and having a pair of scissors there for tags and ties is nice. Not to mention that if you are in an accident sometimes seatbelts get caught or locked and you may need something to assist in getting out. Which brings me to the next item. I may just be paranoid, but I keep a small emergency window breaker in my glovebox. This is also in the case that I need to get out of my car and perhaps the door is jammed or is not in the position to be opened. They’re not pricy i think mine was about 10$, and I think that’s a fruitful investment into my safety.

Last but not least, tissues and napkins. This may be just as important to me as a window breaker lol. I hate messes, I don’t leave my car messy, and I don’t let others either. But things do happen. When I have a drink spill, a cold runny nose, or yucky feeling hands from the gas pump, I’m reaching for my stack of napkins. I would hate to be in a mess and be left bereft. Definitely stock up on tissues and napkins whenever you pass by fast food. Hopefully this helps you all feel more prepared in your car!



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    Chase WashingtonFeb 9, 2024 at 12:26 pm

    I have been trying to organize my car lately and things to bring with me, so this was very helpful!