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Break starts later

It’s December, the end of the year and the holiday season. It is getting cold, the snow might come, and people are planning to go on vacation, go see family or stay home and enjoy the warmth of their home and sip some hot coco.  

After the first half of December typically winter break starts, going for 2 weeks and ending the day after new year’s. But this year the CPSD and Steilacoom are starting the break on the day of Christmas and ending a week after new year’s.  

Having the break starts so late into December and going into a week of the new year’s with other schools starting break a week earlier. Makes time meeting family and friends away a week shorter and with addition of driving time and flying time if you’re going a long distance, you will be given no time to enjoy the break with those people before they must go back to work or school.  

I asked students and teachers what they feel about this and how it interferes with their plans.  

Student 1: “Having the break start so late my family can’t spend as much time with family because the break started so late”. 

Teacher 1: “The month of December feels longer. Making plans for my trips is harder, I would prefer it back to the old way. I can meet my friend because their break has already started and by the time ours start there getting ready for the new week and going back to school.” 

 After asking the teacher and student I asked administrator and ask why It happened. 

“Every few years teachers and the teachers Union bargain with the school district. During this bargaining period numerous items are negotiated pay, school calendar, class size, supervision etc. During the last bargaining period they agreed to change the calendar. I don’t have the exact reason why; I know the district and the teachers agreed to the change.”  


With the month ending, break almost here, and going into the new year. New changes happening and a reset comes with the break. Have a happy holiday and a happy new year’s. 



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