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What is JROTC and why you should join.

The junior reserve officer training corps is a federal program sponsored by the United States armed forces in high schools, in some middle schools across the United States, and at US military bases across the world. The program was originally created as part of the National Defense Act of 1916 and later expanded under the 1964 ROTC Vitalization Act. JROTC works to build personal discipline and resilience and guide students towards their future goals and objectives. For certain students who have a desire for a role in any branch of the military, they provide coaching that will help them find their best fit, however this is not a recruitment system. A part of being in JROTC is that they use leadership development programs to increase student competence and confidence along with their ability to lead and work with others. Throughout classes, competitive teams and introducing students to industry professions in a field where they might have an interest in. Joining JROTC is a great way to have fun and gain community service hours, they have plenty of events coming up such as Dining in, the military ball, working projects, color guard, band concerts and more. JROTC is a great way for teamwork building and gaining community service hours which is a need for graduating. The staff and students in JROTC are all very kind and supportive to help you prepare in order to join the military. Here at lakes, you can see many of the cadets in uniform on the days they have to wear it. You can see one of the three leaders who help the JROTC students around the building and are always open to questions. This class is a class of standard and consistency, meeting the standard means to always be there, listen to your superiors and make sure you’re never late or skipping if you want to have a better chance on pursuing the branch that you want to join.


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