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Black Friday Stabbing of Former Cop, Derek Chauvin

Derek Chauvin

Ex- police officer, Derek Chauvin who is charged with the murder of George Floyd, has reportedly been stabbed twenty-two times by fellow inmate as well as alleged Mexican mafia member by the name of John Turscak leaving Chauvin “Seriously injured.” John Turscak is now being charged with a multitude of crimes, he confessed to the police that he “…told officers he would have killed Chauvin if they had not acted quickly to stop the attack. Turscak also reportedly told federal prosecutors that he decided to attack Chauvin on Black Friday as a way to symbolize the Black Lives Matter movement…” Although it is unclear how Turscak had gotten his hands onto a weapon, let alone materials to make an improvised one, but the prison he is being held in, in Arizona, is not known to be the safest, with escaping prisoners to violence and abuse inside and there are even some cases of violence from the inmates toward visitors.

Any medical help regarding the stabbing has not been released due to the confidentiality of the inmates.

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