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Are people still Thankful for Thanksgiving?

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          The first Thanksgiving in America was said to be held in Massachusetts in 1621, being celebrated by the pilgrims of the mayflower as well the Native Americans who inhabited that area but in recent years that piece of information is being recalled, as many different sources say that Thanksgiving is a holiday with its origin lost somewhere in pre-history due to the colonization of native people and vast amount of similar stories taking place in the land that would later be called the United States.  

Thanksgiving became an official holiday on October 3rd, 1863, issued by the U. S’s President at the time Abraham Lincoln who said Thanksgiving would be celebrated on the last Thursday of November and it has stayed that way till present day. Thanksgiving now in modern times looks a lot different. Many people like to watch football, or the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade, as well as cook a big Thanksgiving feast, people have many different and unique ways specific to their own traditions to celebrate Thanksgiving. Although in the last few decades the holiday has seemingly lost its importance due to negative connotations surrounding it and people seeing the holiday as mediocre compared to Christmas, but that being said it is still loved by many. Please tell us your opinion about thanksgiving and how you celebrate!  


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Mylie mason, Reporter
Hi! my name is Mylie mason and I'm a junior here at lakes. I am involved in mentoring and the schools advanced choir. Some of the things I enjoy outside of school are hiking and exploring new places in Washington. I am very passionate about nature and plan to have a career in environmental science. Some of the things I write about in journalism are informing people on the history of certain holidays and activity's we enjoy as humans and why we celebrate indulge in them. I also write about things going on at lakes like dances and games. these are just a few things about me, and I hope you enjoy what I write!
Ava Eckley, Reporter
Hi i'm Ava, and i'm a senior here at lakes high school! I've been with the ledger for 2 years including this one. I have three cats; Thomas Pancake Pickles, The Adventurer, The First Of His Name, Violet and Rocky who i often call my little spicy Cheeto. Some things I'm passionate about would have to include; the ocean, Taylor Swift, traveling, reading, and of course pasta!

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