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    Hula, The Water Muralist Combines the Natural World with Art.


    Hula, whose real name is Sean Yoro, is a Hawaiian artist base in Los Angeles, California who specializes in creating stunning murals in unique locations. While growing up in Hawaii he recognized his love for both nature and art, this later drove his art career. His work is characterized by its seamless integration with the natural environment, often utilizing water as a key element in his pieces.


    How many people can achieve perfect balance on a surfboard while painting an enormous, stunning, seemingly half-submerged mural on a wall? The answer is that one person can: Sean Yoro, aka Hula

    — yatzer

    Hula’s signature style involves painting lifelike portraits of women on unconventional surfaces such as walls, abandoned structures, and even floating platforms. He skillfully incorporates the surrounding water into his artwork, using it to enhance the overall composition and create a sense of fluidity and movement.

    One of Hula’s most notable murals is titled “What If You Fly.” This particular piece showcases a woman floating on her back, her hair cascading into the water below. The artwork carries a profound message about freedom and our connection to nature.

    Hula’s art often explores themes of environmentalism and the delicate balance between humans and the natural world. Through his work, he encourages viewers to reflect on their relationship with the environment and the impact we have on it.

    If you’re interested in experiencing Hula’s artwork firsthand, you can find many of his murals documented online. His work has gained international recognition and has been featured in various exhibitions and publications.

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    Shaylee irons, Reporter
    My name is Shaylee Irons I’m a senior at Lakes high school, class of 2024. I’m heavily involved in the art program hoping to make a living off my art after high school. I love all things involving art, fashion, writing. I would say I am for sure someone that could talk about anything for hours. Most of my writing will be focused on art and the current things actively going down in the art program...
    Kimberly Lopez, Reporter
    I'm new to Lakes and I'm a senior I did journalism at my old school but only for a few weeks, I love reading, painting and listening to music my favorite songs right now are Plebada -peso pluma, El alfa and Freak and Art deco by Lana del Rey, that transition *chefs kiss *, one of my favorite quotes is “You're stressing over things that haven't even happened yet.” Colleen Hoover. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons I can't wait to see how this year goes at this new school. :)

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