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A Safe Space

When I spoke to the counselors at the guidance office at Lakes High School I wanted to provide students here with some consciousness about the people there to support you. I know sometimes reaching out feels uncomfortable and shaky, knowing the space and counselors might make people feel easier. I mean do you even know who your counselor is? There’s 4 of them this year, Mr. Stella, Ms. Talley, Ms. Sweet, and Mrs. Ergle.

This year I have Ms. Talley and she’s so helpful! Everything I’ve needed fixed or something she’s helped me with no delay or judgment. I asked all the counselors what they believe their strengths are. Both Ms. Sweet and Ms. Talley said they want to make sure students feel heard. They want students to know they have a voice and address their concerns. I think this is so important because far too many times have I or someone else close to me felt like dust gets swept under the rug. Or that we’re redirected a thousand times and told “go talk to so and so”, but then they always seem to have a million more important things to do. Student voice is important and it’s an easy feeling knowing the counselors agree.

Mrs. Ergle said that when with her students her strength is her relationship building and I hear lots of good about how her students love her. Often, students don’t feel confident knocking on someone’s door and then spilling. That’s why it’s nice that the guidance office has an avenue for people to write on a little slip about what their concern is about and then they can make time for an appointment. I was also told that the counselors office has very high confidentiality. Nothing you tell them will be shared if you don’t want it to be, unless of course you are hurting someone else or yourself. Mr. Stella is so funny and though there are no favorites, he’s a lot of people’s favorites. I had him last year as my counselor and I think his best quality is how relaxed and inviting he is. He’s just easy to talk to and especially kind. You can find him at lunch time walking around talking with people and lifting the vibe. He also told me that frequently people may turn the office into a group area, or a place they can sit and talk with a friend. Although it’s nice that people feel comfortable there, it’s important to keep the sense of privacy that makes people who are going there for help, feel less cramped.

I want students to take away from this some knowledge about the people in the counselor’s office, because people are just people. There’s no need for a stigma against needing support. And overall, that in my experience it is an open safe space to be.

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  • J

    JaelleNov 3, 2023 at 10:20 am

    Totally agree! Great article!