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2 months into the school year, What’s it like so far?

Student 1: The first two months of school have drained me. While focusing on gathering pieces for my art portfolio for national portfolio day I have been working on a time crunch while also planning for future pieces I have been mentally checked out this whole time. While staying on top of my assignments I have been attempting to balance my social life, school, and art. Doing so I have noticed how pressured I feel to do typical senior things like apply to the best colleges and get a job despite having hardly any time for purely just existing. For people to keep a stable mind they need time to breathe, and now I do not really get much of that time. Whether I am worrying about what is next or attempting to keep things organized it just always seems to become too much even with a second the breath. It is safe to say I need a break to come. As someone heavily involved in the art program, I have also asked a few of my classmates how they are currently feeling, and the feeling is mutual. All of us have been so focused on our craft while also attempting to balance our lives. Especially the pressure of having things figured out being a senior, most seniors are tired of these preparations and all the worries of the future. We are constantly being asked what is next, what is after high school, are you going to college, if so what college? Then for me when I respond with “I don’t know I just want to do art” suddenly my plans are difficult and an issue because it is seen as nothing beneficial to society, or “out of reach” many have told me. On the other hand, some things that have been going well are my attendance and being able to complete my work. It is what has been making the past two months draining but I am proud of myself and my peers that manage to stay on track. I plan on keeping this up of course, because my main goal is to graduate, obviously.

Student 2: So far for me  it has already almost been two months of this school year already as we are heading into the end of the first quarter already, and it has been very exhausting these first two months honestly it has not been a good few weeks to start the year off in my opinion teachers are assigning us to much work and is hard to get everything complete which makes it very hard to focus and pay attention in class when knowing that there is a lot of stuff to get done which makes it difficult for not only me but other students as well and it could be better but the lack of activities coming from the school has been a lot more disappointing with the most fun things being sport related events with the school administrators not even letting kids dress up on Halloween which really just makes it seem like they don’t want to do anything fun for the school year this year but maybe moving on into the winter time there will be somethings soon.

what do students and administrators think of the school year this far?

Student 1: “Honestly the school year hasn’t been going so great this far a lot of assignments have been stressful.”

Student 2: “It’s been pretty good this year but honestly, I don’t know if I like waking up early just to go to school.”

Student 3:  “I hate it this school year has been terrible I can’t take it anymore and i want to give up.”

All of the other responses from students and administrators that were asked all said the same thing with it being very quick into to the school year and it has been really fun so far.


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