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Ronal Batista with his gloves on posing for pictures

On October 21, 5’10, 26-year-old, Alexis Rocha will fight 5’8, 31-year-old, Giovanni Santillan. This match will take place at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, US. This match will start at 8:00pm Eastern time and 5:00 pm Pacific time. This is in the welterweight division which means the weight limit will be 147 pounds. Alexis Rocha has fought a total of 24 fights and his record is 23-1, with 15 of his wins being from knockout. Giovanni Santillan has fought a total of 31 fights and his record is 31-0 with 16 of the wins being from knockout. You can watch this fight live on DAZN with a subscription. While Rocha has an advantage of being younger and fresher in the game, Santillan has a very good defense, so people that have left their thoughts on the game are saying that there should not be a knockout this match. Rocha is very big and very powerful. From watching videos on Santillan, it looks like he doesn’t have the best footwork to be staying away and moving quick enough from the attacks. Another fight coming up on October 21st is between 5’4, 27-year-old, John Ramirez and 5’4, 26-year-old, Ronal Batista. This fight will also be held at the Kia Forum in Inglewood on October 21st at 8:00 pm Eastern time, 5:00 Pacific time. They will be fighting in the junior bantamweight’s division with 12 rounds. John Ramirez’s record is 12-0 and Ronal Batista has fought a total of 18 times and his record is 15-3. Nine of Ronal Batista’s wins and two of his losses were from knockouts. 9 of Ramirez’s wins were from knockout. These two were supposed to fight on October 7th, but it was postponed for an unknown reason. This fight will be a title eliminator. Hopefully this information sparked your interest to watch the upcoming fights!

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