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How Much Longer Until Christmas And Winter Break?

Large snowflake standing out in the snow

If you love Winter/Christmas as much as I do, you probably are counting down the days until Winter starts. This year, Winter doesn’t start until December 21. While that seems like it is too far away, putting it into perspective that is 70 days, which is 10 Fridays. This year’s Winter Break for Lakes High School is from December 23 to January 7th, including weekends. Altogether, that is 15 days of vacation.  This leaves enough time to maybe go away for the holidays and, if you aren’t a fan of the cold weather, escape to a warmer place for the chilly season.  In terms of snow, I looked at a snow prediction website, Snow Chance, and it states that we are expected to have winter storms this year throughout December and the beginning of January. Since our winter break starts a little later this year, this means we may end up having snow on Christmas! There are many fun winter activities that people are very excited to start back up this winter season. These activities include skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. For people that love ice skating, there are a few ice-skating rinks in the area. These include, Sprinker recreation center, Kent Valley Ice Centre, and PC Ice Sports. Good places for skiing include Crystal Mountain Resort, Mission Ridge, and Snoqualmie Summit Ski Arena. Clearly, I am very excited for winter break so, hopefully, now you are too!

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