Goals and Challenges for Lakes ASB

Caprice Cain, Reporter

The Associated Student Body, or ASB, is made up of an elected group of students who have a multitude of responsibilities within the school. Some of these responsibilities included having the ability to manage the budget and expenses of clubs and sports, host school dances and assemblies, be the voice of the student body to teachers, administrators and staff, and much more. 

Challenges this year due to Covid-19 include the lack of time to build leadership skills through team bonding and a removal of inperson opportunities to showcase accomplished students in assemblies. Events that add to the high school experience for ASB, such as going to leadership camp, arranging in-person assemblies, and planning homecoming, are just some of the events that will be missed this year. However, while going through this difficult time, the passion and dedication of this year’s leadership team will push to provide ease of connection for students at Lakes, making this school year, to its extent, feel more normal. 

ASB’s goals are to keep students connected through various social media platforms, spotlight student achievements, inform students, faculty, and parents with weekly announcement videos in advisory, and have a monthly newsletter with class information.

Additional information may be found at Lakes ASB on Instagram and lakeshighschoolcarrd.co