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    Homecoming Proposals

    Are homecoming and promposals worth it or cheesy and embarrassing?

    Lots of people in high school have been getting behind the homecoming proposal or “Promposal” trend. These proposals have been getting expensive with people spending anywhere around 100$ or more even. With creatively made signs, expensive bouquets, surprise gestures, and I swear I heard about some girl getting 300$ Beyonce tickets from her date?

    It becomes worrisome when you start to think about how this raises the cost of going to homecoming. I mean of course there’s the 0-200$ suit or dress (some department stores will rob you). Then comes the shoes, the ticket, the dinner, the corsage. It also seems like the risk isn’t worth the reward. A promposal is a great way to add some flair, romance, and memories to your high school experience and your life.

    However, so so many people are not socially out there and extraverted and probably don’t want or need some public sword hanging over their head, yes or no. All for the chance to go on a date to a dance that might end up being disappointing. I think this year’s dance was well done and mostly fun. It’s not like that’s the reputation for high school dances though, they can be hit or miss. So are the promposals. The ones at,11 Funniest Promposals Gone Wrong – Worst Ways To Ask Someone To Prom ( are embarrassing and really put me off on the idea of them but they are pretty funny to look at.

    I guess if you’re worried about embarrassing yourself that’s more of a personal thing and less of an issue with homecoming/promposals. Plenty people don’t want to go to homecoming or prom if they don’t have a date. I heard from a lot of my personal friends, “I’m not going to homecoming this year” and it makes me sad. All because no one asked them? or didn’t know how? Maybe go for it and make the sign! Or go the better route and ask someone with some nice flowers, privately, and with no pressure.

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    • W

      WyattOct 16, 2023 at 10:56 am

      Hoco proposals are pretty fun, but I agree that it kind of sucks that some people didn’t go simply because they didn’t get asked out. I think HOCO can be just as fun if you’re hanging out with your friends!