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State Fair Malfunction

Ride Malfunctions At The Puyallup Fair!

Ride Malfunction

Within a week of the Puyallup Fair being open a ride that is usually closed and blocked off becomes a massive hazard and incident. The ride years prior to the recent incident had usual problems with it starting up and running throughout the times the fair was open.

Now once again this ride seems to be a problem within the fairgrounds which could lead to injuries or worse. The incident in most recent times included multiple people riding the ride as normal but going up one of the rises it seemed to lose all power and slowed down to a stop on the incline. This stop led workers to climb up to the cart and had to push it by hand to an area safe to start the ride back up. This malfunction could have caused a major accident if another cart was going behind it and the workers couldn’t stop it.

An opinion about this ride is that it should be shut down for good, because when this ride is running it is constantly malfunctioning and when its closed down it is in a spot where new things could be. So, the question is, should it be replaced?

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My name is Sam, and this is my first year of Journalism. I got all together a total of eight pets. I've been at Lakes High School for all 3 years, but I haven't always lived in. I have moved Washington to Korea then from that to Germany then back to Washington.

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